Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Summer Capsule Wardrobe | Whisper & Howl

Fancy background, eh?

Shopping and returns have been completed.  (Actually, they were completed 2 weeks ago but it took me this long to get photos together and have a strong enough internet connection to post them!)  I started transitioning into my Summer Capsule Wardrobe in early June because it was just so damn hot, and I culled and incorporated and curated up until July 7th. I am now fully committed to wearing the same 35 items every day for the next 3 months!

Well, kind of. Since I started this one early, I am also ending it early, transitioning back into what I’m calling my Early Spring/Late Summer capsule wardrobe. I won’t be buying anything new until September  when I will start working on my Fall Capsule, but I may switch out some pieces as the air starts to cool down toward the end of summer. At least, I hope it will cool down!

These photos aren’t ideal, but I have figured out a pretty brilliant scheme to set up a photography “studio” in my room, so hopefully I’ll have some better images in the future, as well as outfit photos.  I used BeFunky‘s online collage maker to create these images (and somehow managed to leave the “add ” and “delete” icons on some of them! Please ignore!).

Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Newly acquired pieces are indicated by an asterisk.

Tops 1 Tops 2 Tops 3Tops 4

sleeveless white blouse with embroidery (GAP) / pink tank (LOFT)* / tulip-hem tee (Old Navy) / 2 easy, breezy rayon tops in white and black (LOFT)* / chambray button down (similar here) / boxy trapeze tee (GAP, similar here) / slouchy blouse (LOFT)* / graphic blouse / silky mint tank (The Limited) / coastal stripe dolman blouse (LOFT)* / trapeze tee (LOFT)* /  tulip-hem tee (Old Navy) / tank (Target) / tulip-hem tee (Old Navy) / tanks (GAP) /  shirred blouse -also in white  (LOFT)* / cardigan (Banana Republic) / triangle cardigan (LOFT)*

Dresses 2Dress 1Dresses 3

nautical stripe tshirt dress (Bass) / vintage romper / tie dye dress (Bass) / matchstick print wrap dress with flutter sleeves and tulip hem (made by me from the Victory Nicola pattern with this Cotton + Steel fabric by Rashida Coleman)* / pineapple dress (Banana Republic) / chambray trapeze dress (LOFT)* / print dress (River Island from ASOS) / maxi dress / striped jersey dress (Target) / tribal maxi dress ( (Target, similar here)*Bottoms 1Summer Capsule Wardrobe | Whisper & Howl

vintage polka dot skirts / mini skirt (Old Navy) / palazzo pants (Target) / tulip-hem maxi skirt (LOFT)* / cut offs / high waisted skinny jeans (GAP)*

Note: Not counted in the capsule are pieces of lounge wear and exercise gear including yoga pants, many t shirts, pajamas, and house dresses.  I might go through my t shirts one day, but I really love the ones I’ve got and I primarily wear them for working out and sleeping.

Honestly, I feel like I have too many pieces.  I’m interested to see how I feel by the time Fall rolls around.

Have you started a capsule wardrobe?  How’s that going?

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