I Once Was 30: A Year in Review, Pt. 2



And we’re back!  I wanted to take the time to do this review because I discovered so many new things in the last year of my life and I want to share them with you.  It’s also a nice way for me to take an inventory of everything that’s happened, so that when I feel like I’m not making any progress in certain areas, I can look back and see the strides I have made in other areas.

A Year in Being Me, Pt. 2

March 1st, 2015-August 31st, 2015

March: Baby’s First Capsule Wardrobe!  Having completed The Great Discard on New Year’s Eve of 2014, and having contemplated and researched capsule wardrobes for a month or so, I started this practice on the first day of Spring.  I also started teaching a regular vinyasa yoga class on Monday mornings at Heart of Yoga School, where I did my first Teacher Training in 2012.  I’ve kept this class since then, and also teach a bi-weekly Lunar Yoga class on the evenings of the full and new moons, as well as occasional workshops.

April: Despite Mercury’s being in retrograde, I decided it was high time to start this blog!  I’d been thinking and talking about it for so long, and finally decided what the general idea would be–to write about all of the things I am learning about, with tips and advice from my experience. I was also doing a lot of babysitting and bartending in April.  I had more money, but less time.  And!  I finally got a spot in Mulberry Silk’s Tuesday night social sewing class!  I finished a skirt!

May:  I began taking Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with the incomparable Allison Dennis at Heart of Yoga School in May.  It was a hard decision to make since this course is not cheap (although to be fair, it is very reasonably priced), but this was an occasion when I felt very strongly directed to make the investment.  I am so glad I am doing this!  We meet once a month for an entire weekend of asana and study, to earn an additional certification and dive deeply into our psyches, yoga philosophy, history and practice.  I have made wonderful new friends and deepened my interest in and understanding of practices such as naadi yoga, mantra, tantra, shakti, and so much more!

June: What happened in June?  It was hot.  I fell in love with kirtan.  I started walking more often and I finished a dress.  I began my first Summer capsule wardrobe and it was hot.  So hot.

July: Ditto June.  I started doing acupuncture and that has been amazing.  I haven’t gotten sick since then, and that is pretty incredible considering my track record of sinus infections, gut issues and cold-catching.  Plus, it feels great.

August: And finally we come to August.  Last month, my Dad was diagnosed with stage 3 Myelodisplastic Syndrome, an aggressive blood cancer.  This news has been devastating.  I love my family more than anything, and this is the worst thing ever.  We’re all dealing with it.  We’re processing.  We’re handling.  I’ve spent a lot of time crying.  It comes and goes, the heart-wrenching sadness and fear.  I was having a lot of trouble sleeping for a while.  Dad started chemo last week and is home now.  I’m going home as much as possible to visit.  My parents live 30 minutes away and my littlest sister has moved back from Maine to live with them and help out, and my other sister lives a few blocks away from me.  We’re all very close.

Anyway, this is how I ended my 30th year, and the reason for my reflection/resting v. mad celebrations.  I am tired.  I’m also grateful, full of love, mostly happy, peaceful, supported, relatively healthy and have, in general, enough.  I’m reading a lot and sleeping a lot and trying to eat well and avoid watching too much TV.  I’m doing my sadhana, castor oil packs, snuggling Devo, visiting family, and sewing.  Everything is what it is, and that is fine.

Next time, I’ll tell you about my 31st Birthday Resolution.  It’s pretty great.

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