Have a Full Witch Weekend: Sweater Weather

I realized that all of the weekend posts I am going to make from now on could be summed up as “Put on a sweater. Do something cozy.” I’ll try and be more specific, but honestly if that’s all you do this weekend (and every weekend until Spring), you’ll probably be pretty happy.

Here are a few¬†things to try this weekend that don’t require, but should include, sweaters:

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Read a book

The whole thing.

When is the last time you curled up with a blanket and a cup of hot something, ideally wearing your favorite sweater, and spent an entire day with a book? If your answer is yesterday or last week or even last month then congratulations. We are probably soul mates. What kind of sweater were you wearing? I hope it was cashmere, for optimal snuggling with our books. You should do it again this weekend. I’m available.

If your answer is not so recent, then take the opportunity afforded by this foggy early November weather and grab a book and get to it. Find a comfy chair at home or in your favorite coffee shop, the one that looks like your weird grandpa’s living room, the one that has mismatched comfy chairs and stacks of eccentric magazines and knick knacks and is attached to a record store (I’m talking about¬†you, Soma), and curl up in it. The coziness is almost as important as the book–maybe more important, if you’re going to commit to a whole day of getting in touch with your literary side. Do you have a cable knit blanket? Maybe you should get one. Consider it an investment in your happiness.

What book should you read? That one that’s been sitting on your shelf, looking at you imploringly, for a year. That book that you’ve been meaning to start but you know that once you do, you will fall into a rabbit hole of words from which you won’t emerge for hours. That is the one. Don’t have a book on hand? Try the library. Try any of the 99 books that author Anthony Burgess insists you absolutely must read. Ask your friends. Ask Goodreads.

Devote yourself to the magic of words. Get swept away. Don’t come up for air until you’re done and your life has been forever altered by the power of a good book.


Perform a Random Act of Kindness

Make your roommate a cup of tea before she asks. Leave a love note in your sweetheart’s (sweater) pocket. Ask your coworker how he’s doing. Send a postcard to a friend who lives in another state. Call your mom and tell her you love her. Buy someone lunch. Make a donation.

Be sweet, because you can.


Spend time with an animal

Animals are basically sentient sweaters, right? If you have one, give him some extra love this weekend. Get those belly rubs you both adore. Bake some fancy dog/cat treats. Gaze at your fish, sing to your birds. Spend an extra hour in bed with your little love. If you don’t have one, find one! Visit a friend and play with her new kitten. Volunteer at a shelter or animal-centric nonprofit. Connect with your (domesticated) animal nature this weekend.

It’s good for both of you.


Bundle up, snuggle up, and have a beautiful, foggy November weekend!

What’s your favorite thing about sweater weather?




One thought on “Have a Full Witch Weekend: Sweater Weather

  1. Kara says:

    I already made some tea, grabbed my new Elaine Pagels book, and jumped into bed with my sentient sweater. Darn good advice!

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