4 Ways To Transition Into Fall

It’s here! Finally! Fall is in the air!

Fall is a lovely time of year. It’s a time of resetting, releasing, preparing for winter. One can start to wind down and transition into the restful, fallow months ahead. I like to take this time to reset.

One aspect of my Full Witch resolution is that I’m getting more in touch with nature, including the seasons and their shifting. Here are 4 ways I’m making the transition into Fall this year.

Inspiration for my Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Inspiration for my Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Changing MY Clothes

I’m doing my second Fall Capsule Wardrobe.  I started transitioning from summer to fall clothes in September and am now totally into my fall wardrobe. There’s something really nice about putting away my hot weather clothes and getting out my cooler weather, nicer clothes. It’s a seasonal costume change! I really like all my shoes, hats, jackets and scarves.  I love that the colors in my wardrobe are in tune with the season, with rust, mustard, whiskey and deep red. Everything gets a little cozier, warmer, richer. I have several items that I’ve made, too, which feel great to wear. (More info on my Capsule coming soon! Here’s my Fall Wardrobe Architect board, where I save ideas about color, shape and vibe.)

MOdifying MY Diet

Capsule wardrobe is a sort of external reset, but there are internal resets I practice as well. This is the second year that I’ve done an Ayurvedic  Fall Cleanse as outlined here. The idea of this cleanse is to reset one’s digestive system as well as detoxifying the body. It is a nice way to demarcate the seasonal change, to “release” toxins and unhealthy habits we may have acquired over the summer, and to prepare the body for shifts in weather and tone that come with each new season. It’s important to undertake this process in the spirit of self-care rather than self-denial. It requires lots of rest and awareness of both the physical and emotional states. I have to say, I felt like garbage for the first few days this time, but am feeling lighter and cleaner as I am finishing up the 7 days.

October is also the month when I revisit Cycle 1 of the Virgin Diet. This is the 21-day period when I have to be really strict about eliminating eggs, soy, dairy, gluten, corn, peanuts and sugar. I’ll admit that I’ve never successfully eliminated sugar, but I have drastically reduced it during this period. After the 21 days, I retest eggs, gluten, soy and dairy to see if I have built more of a tolerance for them. I’ve got my fingers crossed that I can handle some eggs, since I find this the most difficult thing to eliminate. It’s really hard to find gluten free baked goods that don’t use eggs, and I really love a poached egg in ramen or on top of basically anything, every now and then.

Other aspects of the Virgin Diet that I’m happy to reinstitute, as I’ve fallen away from them in the past few months, include when and how to eat. Meals are spaced in a way that maximizes digestion and nutrient absorption: eat a meal every 4-6 hours, don’t eat 3 hours before bed, and eat the proper ratio of healthy fat, lean protein, whole grain, low starch vegetables  and carbs, low glycemic fruits, and nuts. When I follow these guidelines, I truly feel more satiated and have more energy. I’m excited to feel that way again.

These are photos from my recent trip to Iceland!

These are photos from my recent trip to Iceland!


Last month I went to Iceland (!) and had my mind blown by how gorgeous the landscape is there. My friends and I drove around looking at the scenery, chasing rainbows and stopping to hike, jump in hot springs (in the wind and rain!) and gaze at waterfalls. I took a ton of pictures which I’m still combing through, but you can see above how beautiful the country is. I felt so intensely the pull to spend more time in nature, so I’m committed to doing more hiking, walking and even sitting outside this fall.

I LOVE being outdoors, but in the summer it is too damn hot. Fall is, of course, the best season for snuggling up to nature. Last weekend I went to Asheville and did some hiking and apple-picking. It was autumnal AF. Witnessing the beauty of the changing seasons, I feel a change in myself. We are connected to the world around us, which is also the world within us. We cannot deny our naturalness. To notice what’s happening to the leaves is to notice what’s happening in the endless cycle of life of which we are a part. (I have “Colors of the Wind” stuck in my head right now.)


I love knitting and working with cold-weather fabrics such as flannel and wool. Working with my hands is very grounding and it feels good to create things I will wear as it cools down. I also start cooking more, or at least I have done so in the past. I’ll break out the crock pot and simmer some stews to eat over a couple of days or freeze for later. These activities remind me of the past, of my predecessors who quilted, crocheted, gardened and pickled. It feels good to have a connection to my grandmothers; it makes me feel rooted.


Fall is a time of rooting. We cozy up, settle in. We spend time with family over the holidays and celebrate community with harvest festivals and explore society with elections. We scare ourselves with horror movies and comfort ourselves with snuggles, warm foods and thick blankets. We join with other fans as we all watch the same shows and sports games. There are so many ways we come together as a community in the fall. How do you wind down, reset or root in the Fall?