Hi there.  I’m Jillian.

I’m an arts administrator, yoga teacher, artist, seeker, planner, adventurer, reader, home cook, truth-teller and giver of great advice.  I’m a Virgo with Leo rising and a Scorpio moon (and doesn’t that say it all?), an early-30s single lady from Generation Debt, owner of one perfect cat, housemate to a lovely friend, sister to the most wonderful bio-sisters and girl-friends.  I have a graduate degree and an entry-level nonprofit job along with 3 side gigs.  I’m learning to sew, to be fiscally responsible and manage a household, my energy, health and time.

I spend a lot of time learning to be a kind, creative, responsible person in this difficult world, and as I’ve searched for information on many topics, I’ve found that I can’t relate to many writers.  I’m probably not the only person who feels this way so…I’ve decided to write about my life, my personal quests, the things I’m pondering and learning.  I hope you can relate.




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