Wardrobe Consulting Services

Does it take too long to get dressed in the morning? Do you have a ton of clothes and “nothing to wear”? Do you want to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful in your clothes? Are you longing for a personal style?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, I am here to help!

I believe that everyone deserves to feel fantastic. Feeling confident and beautiful is so much easier when you have clothes that fit you well, in materials that are comfortable and move the way you want them to, and when you feel like your clothing is an expression of your personality. When you work with me, I’ll make sure finding the perfect outfit is a pleasure, not a struggle.

Wardrobe Consulting by Jillian Lea at Whisper & Howl Blog

How it works

We will sit down over a warm beverage and talk about your frustrations, needs and desires. I will listen to you and together we will develop a plan for your wardrobe. I will go through your wardrobe with you and figure out what you should keep, discard, or modify. Through this process we will determine what you love to wear and develop a personal style that fits your personality and lifestyle. I will help you create outfits from your own closet and create a shopping list of items to complete your personalized, wardrobe.

My goals:

  • To hear your story and asses your  goals.
  • To streamline your wardrobe, eliminating pieces that don’t fit your desired look and lifestyle.
  • To ensure that your closet is filled with pieces that make you feel amazing and that work with each other.
  • To develop a plan that will help you maintain your wardrobe for the future, and empower you to move through the world with confidence, ease and style.


Getting Jillian’s help in my closet was a seriously life-changing event that everyone around me noticed. I used to have a terrible time getting dressed in the morning; my closet felt too small, and I could never find what I needed. Jillian showed up with a plan and made it fun and empowering instead of stressful to weed out all the clothes that weren’t serving me. Not only did we get rid of things I never wore, she also helped me plan outfits for good pieces I had but never knew how to wear. Talking through my wardrobe options with her also changed the way I shopped; now I buy clothes that truly flatter me–clothes that I love. So many people in my life have commented that my personal style has leveled up. I give all the credit to Jillian. Working with her will be like getting a brand new wardrobe for what you might pay for a discount jacket–it’s so worth it. –Sarah D, Chapel Hill


For a limited time, I am offering a wardrobe consultation at the special Introductory Rate of $80 for 2 hours, and $50 per additional hour.

Schedule A Consultation

To schedule a consultation or get more information, email me at lea(dot)jillian(at)gmail(dot)com.

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